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36742 Night shot
Night shot (3 buses)

Thank you Brandon!

During a year when it seems very little news has been good news, we decided we wanted to try and change that, even if only for a few minutes. It was our mission to spread some Christmas cheer and put some smiles on faces, young and old. Based on what we saw out there, it was success! We hope the convoy brought a bit of happiness to you and your family because it was an incredible experience for our family and staff!

A project like this doesn't happen without a lot of help and generosity from family, friends and staff. Thank you to everyone for their time and effort! We'd also like to thank everyone for the support and for spreading the word. Thank you for making sure family, friends and neighbours knew about the convoy. Thank you to the healthcare workers and personal care home workers who spread the word and supported this idea!

Brandon gave us an amazing response and we are full of appreciation! We live in a wonderful community. Stay safe, stay positive, be kind.

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