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Your safety is our top priority

Although price and luxurious amenities are important, we understand that your main concern is the safety of your group. Compass Coach Lines is committed to the safety of you and your group and we take this responsibility very seriously. We ensure our motor coaches are in peak working order prior to sending it out on the road. This includes regular inspections by our mechanic, pre-trip inspections by our drivers as well as preventive maintenance.

Compass Coach Lines is insured well beyond industry minimums as we carry the highest level of liability insurance available. We are also subject to regular vehicle safety inspections.

Our drivers a carefully vetted and we ensure that they have clean driving records and have a safety first approach while behind the wheel. Every driver completes a full training program, including classroom instruction and evaluations while on the road, administered by our Safety & Compliance Officer.

We also take pride in our appearance. Every motor coach will undergo a complete and thorough cleaning before ever being allowed to pick up a group. This includes the exterior as well as throughout the interior. Attention to detail is critical as we ensure every aspect of the coach is sanitary, clean, comfortable and meets our high standards.






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